Knowledgeable Delaware And Marion Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys Who Go The Extra Mile For Their Clients

At Burchinal & Crawford, we put in the additional work and time for our clients because we care about their future. Anyone can make a mistake and find themselves in a situation where they no longer have control. We charge our clients a fair rate and fight to get them the best possible outcome for their case.

We can successfully represent clients across many fields of law, including:

  • Criminal law
  • Domestic and family law
  • Personal injury law
  • Business law
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Real estate law
  • Wills and estate plans

Accomplished Counselors For Violent Crimes And Other Serious Allegations

If you are facing assault, domestic violence, murder or OVI charges, you need to speak with a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Our law firm will manage police communications and evaluate evidence before you are even charged. Our lawyers will research your case and create a persuasive defense that argues your perspective.

Lawyers For Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases

If you sustain an injury because of the actions of another, you may have a personal injury case that can reward damages. Our Delaware firm can apply our extensive knowledge of Ohio law to prove fault. We can also help families who have lost a loved one recover lost income and some financial relief for their pain. Our attorneys can also represent you with a family law case such as a divorce or child custody hearing.

Our legal advocates are available when you need us and will fight to protect your rights. Call 740-513-4818 or email us today to set your consultation with an attorney.