Knowledgeable Delaware And Marion Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys Who Go The Extra Mile For Their Clients

At Burchinal & Crawford, we put in the additional work and time for our clients because we care about their future. Anyone can make a mistake and find themselves in a situation where they no longer have control. We charge our clients a fair rate and fight to get them the best possible outcome for their case.

Accomplished Counselors For Violent Crimes And Other Serious Allegations

If you are facing assault, domestic violence, murder or OVI charges, you need to speak with a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Our law firm will manage police communications and evaluate evidence before you are even charged. Our lawyers will research your case and create a persuasive defense that argues your perspective.

Lawyers For Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases

If you sustain an injury because of the actions of another, you may have a personal injury case that can reward damages. Our firm can apply our extensive knowledge of Ohio law to prove fault. We can also help families who have lost a loved one recover lost income and some financial relief for their pain. Our attorneys can also represent you with a family law case such as a divorce or child custody hearing.

Our legal advocates are available when you need us and will fight to protect your rights. Call 740-513-4818 or email us today to set your consultation with an attorney.